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Clementoni Science Museum The Chemistry Laboratory

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A complete scientific game that will enable you to discover all the secrets of chemistry in an easy and safe way. A set filled with instruments to complete 180 fun experiments and become a real chemist! A detailed illustrated manual will help familiarise you with this fascinating subject. Have fun identifying the elements and combinations making up the various substances, and creating different mixtures and solutions. Experiment how electrolysis separates the constituents of water molecules, observe how vinegar reacts with metals. Mounting electrical components allows for completing experiments in chemistry and electricity.


Contents: The kit includes: safety goggles, beakers with lids, test tubes with stoppers, bottle brush, stirrer, pipette, balloons, straws, test tube safety key, funnel, test tube rack, spatulas, filter paper, tweezers, bubble-blowing tool, chemical substances certified, electrical components, illustrated manual.


Batteries Required: 3x AA Not Included


Ages: 8+ 


Please Note: This set does not contain all materials needed for the experiments or the common household materials.