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Galt Rainbow Lab

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Galt Rainbow Lab.

Experiment with colour mixing then grow amazing jelly-like crystals in many different colours. Create a rainbow in a test tube and see the world through rainbow glasses! Rainbow lab includes 12 fun experiments and is part of our new Explore & Discover STEM range. Winner of the 2019 Progressive Preschool Award for Best Preschool STEM Range.

  • Includes a 24-page full colour lab book with 12 fun experiments.
  • Contains 3 test tubes test tube rack goggles colour mixing tray pipette polyacrylamide crystals 3 food colourings rainbow glasses 3 plastic cups mirror stickers notepad and more.
  • A young science kit to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun.
  • Experiment with colour mixing grow amazing jelly-like crystals and create a rainbow in a test tube.

Ages: 5+