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Nuzzy Luvs Peaches

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Nuzzy Luvs Peaches.

Nuzzy Luvs are super soft new-born pets that snuggle right into your hand! Pet them or whisper sweetly and Nuzzy Luvs will turn their heads, blink their eyes and respond with cute animal noises. When they're tired, Nuzzy Luvs will even softly snore! But if you surprise them with a loud noise or shout, Nuzzy Luvs will get frightened and may even shout back! Just pet your Nuzzy Luv to make it feel safe and loved and it will purr, coo and make other happy noises.

  • Contains: 1 Nuzzy Peaches.
  • Each Nuzzy Luv has its own programming for sound and touch reactions.
  • Will go to sleep after 90 seconds. You know it’s asleep when it snores. To wake, just pat its head.
  • Nuzzy Luvs provide realistic nurturing creative play because it has a super soft body and reacts to sound and touch just like a new-born pet.
  • Requires 4 X LR44 batteries (Included).

Ages: 4+