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Silverlit Ycoo Neo Junior 1.0 Robot

Available: In-Store Online

When we think of a programmable robot, we tend to think of the computer, the lines of code or to have an appreciation of the complexity of what we will have to do. Don't worry, it's not, since the new Junior 1.0 toy robot is one of the easiest robot to handle and use. He has a touchpad with 9 keys on his back, which will allow the children to make him perform more than 30 programmable combinations (dances, movements...).


Then press these combinations and that's it! Junior 1.0 will then perform the associated courses, movements and dances with each combination, which will of course create a wonderful relationship with the children who will be eager to introduce you to the new movements learned by their robot. On the design side, the new Junior 1.0 is presented as a latest generation High Tech robot. In addition to its touchpad, you will notice its articulated arms or its bright LED eyes that make it so charming. The robot also offers children bonus moves that they will have to unlock by moving their head or blinking their eyes: an additional challenge and interactions that will make Junior 1.0 the ideal toy.


Contents: 1x Ycoo Neo


Batteries Required: 4x AAA Not Included


Ages: 5+