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Lego 10787 Gabby's Doll House Kitty Fairy's Garden Party

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Lego 10787 Gabby's Doll House Kitty Fairy's Garden Party.

Take fans of TV’s Gabby's Dollhouse aged 4+ into a magical place filled with fun, friends and endless play possibilities with LEGO Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party (10787) Gabby's Dollhouse playset. This Gabby's Dollhouse building toys set features a Gabby minifigure plus Pandy Paws and Kitty Fairy cat Gabby's Dollhouse figures.

The characters from the popular TV series drink tea in the tree house, where Kitty Fairy has a bed and strawberry snacks. There are flowers for young gardeners to grow, plus a toy slide, swing and roundabout for the friends to play on. Gabby's Dollhouse accessories, including apples, a watering can, a teapot, cups and butterflies, inspire kids to explore imaginative role play. There’s a colourful picture-story building guide, while the digital LEGO Builder app features intuitive zoom and rotate tools. As with all LEGO 4+ sets, a large Starter Brick is included to ensure the building fun begins right away.

  • Includes: 1 buildable treehouse, a Gabby minifigure, Pandy Paws and Kitty Fairy cat figures and lots of fun accessories.
  • Contains 130 Pieces.
  • The tree house and slide measures over 13 cm high, 17 cm wide and 11 cm deep.
  • Includes a picture-story building guide.

Ages: 4+