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Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Keep Me Warm Doll

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Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Keep Me Warm Doll.

Introducing the Cry Babies Magic Tears Keep Me Warm collection from the Icy World! There are 12+ dolls to collect, each one dressed in their changeable warm and cozy outfit. The Magic Tears World has been frozen, and so has the Cry Babies' wardrobes, which are now shaped like ice crystals! Open the wardrobe to discover your surprise character and all the accessories. When your dolls are ready for bed, take off their winter outfit and hang it up on the hanger in their wardrobe ready for the next day! As you collect them all, you'll be able to mix and match styles!

Each character comes with 8 accessories: a baby bottle, dummy, snow glasses, a piece of clothing, gloves or scarf, a pair of boots and a sticker sheet. Feed the Cry Babies Magic Tears doll with the baby bottle, squeeze their tummy to make them cry real tears!

  • Includes: 1 doll and 8 accessories.
  • 12 to collect, plus the 2 rare characters.

Ages: 3+