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HEXBUG VEX Robotics Tower Crane 830pc Construction Set

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HEXBUG VEX Robotics Tower Crane 830pc Construction Set.

Get ready to build like never before with VEX Robotics Construction Crane! Including over 830 pieces, it's perfect for budding engineers and enthusiastic builders. It even includes tiny construction workers! The VEX Construction Crane has an elevator and towers over your site at just above two feet. Control its operations to lift and move objects wherever the crane can reach.

- Handles allow crane to spin.
- Cabin door opens.
- Rotate 360: Spin the crane a compete 360. This can be used to move objects around in all directions.
- Transport Up and Down: Help transport your workers 20 inches up and down the crane by turning the dial above elevator.
- Latching hook to transport and lift.
- Mini extendable ladder.
- Move in/out: Adjust the position of the hook block on the trolley to help balance heavy cargo.
- Move Up and Down: Lifting objects 20 inches, raise and lower the hook by twisting the dial.
- Elevator lifts workers from ground level to crane cabin.

  • Includes over 830 pieces.
  • Crane stands over 2 feet tall.

Ages: 8+