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Playmobil Horses Of Waterfall Advent Calendar

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Playmobil Horses Of Waterfall Advent Calendar.

Christmas at Waterfall Ranch! Behind each door is a very special surprise for your Horses of Waterfall world! A winter sleigh ride takes Isabella, the beautiful Andalusian mare Buttercup, her sweet foal Cream, and Bernese Mountain Dog Lucy to the nearby Lelawala Forest. Here, Isabella feeds hay, vegetables and other treats to the big and small forest animals, before the big feast. The apple oatmeal cookies, baked after riding instructor Muriel's recipe, are the horses favorites. When they get cold, Isabella puts the horse blanket over them.

Includes: Figures: 1 woman; Animals: 1 dog, 1 horse, 1 foal, 1 fox, 2 baby foxes, 1 deer, 1 fawn, 1 owl, 1 bird, 1 mouse, 2 squirrels; Accessories: 1 hat, 2 books, 1 pen, 1 bone, 1 cap, 1 saddle blanket, 1 grass, 1 horse grooming kit, 2 carrots, 1 bucket, 2 snowballs, 1 bouquet of flowers, 2 apples, 1 gift box, 6 hooks, 3 stars, 3 candies, 3 bows, 1 sleigh and 4 silicone ribbons.

Ages: 4+