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Schleich Bayala 42628 Axolotl Discovery Set

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Schleich Bayala 42628 Axolotl Discovery Set.

With the transparent fin on their backs, the three friendly Axolotl from Meamare just look great! Like little water dragons, they watch curiously to see what’s going on around them.

The three friendly Axolotls are at home in BAYALA® and live there in Meamare. You can see that they are magical – or have you ever encountered normal beings with a transparent fin on their backs and glitter on their bodies?

  • One large and two small Axolotls make a magical family from Meamare.
  • Discover the world through play with the authentic and detailed figures from schleich. They look so real, they may just start to run!
  • Schleich products stimulate the imagination and guarantee an educational play experience full of adventure.
  • This schleich product is part of the BAYALA theme world.

Ages: 5+