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SpiderMan Web Swinging Spiderman

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SpiderMan Web Swinging Spiderman.

Swing into action with Marvel City Swinging Spider-Man Plush toy!

The soft figure comes to life with lights and sounds when the web handles are pulled from his hands together; pull just one to see him kick his opposite leg in a dynamic web-swingin' pose. The action is accompanied by light-up eyes and wise-cracking quips -- "Friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man comin' through!"

The soft Super Hero plush toy makes a great gift for collectors and fans of Spider-Man and the Marvel universe. 

  • Includes plush character figure with kick action, lights and sounds.
  • Marvel City Swinging Spider-Man Plush toy is ready to swing into action!
  • Pull both web strings from his hands to activate kicking action with lights and sounds.
  • Pull the string from one hand to see the soft Super Hero figure kick his opposite foot in a classic web-swinging pose!
  • Watch his eyes light up and hear wisecracks when the action starts!
  • Makes a great gift for kids and collectors, especially Spider-Man fans.

Ages: 3+