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Vtech Switch And Go Dinos Dino Launcher 2 In 1 Interactive Dinosaur

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Vtech Switch And Go Dinos Dino Launcher 2 In 1 Interactive Dinosaur.

Let’s get launching! The Vtech Switch & Go Dino Launcher 2 in 1 is here! This amazing 2-in-1 toy by Vtech includes 2 dinos that can switch and also combine into 1! Rip the Pterodactyl and Shred the Spinosaurus combine to form a mighty super car!

Shred can be switched into a cool race car, while Rip can be switched into a vehicle launcher! Connect the two together to form a mighty super car! Press the launcher button to release Shred and also watch as he burns rubber! Hear cool dino and also vehicle sound effects with Shred as you play, as well as fun phrases and dino facts! Let’s Switch & Go!

  • Switch Shred the Spinosaurus into a race car and back again effortlessly with just a few simple steps. Enjoy the thrill of changing between dinosaur and vehicle modes for endless imaginative play.
  • Rip the Pterodactyl transforms into a launcher, allowing you to launch the race car for a speedy getaway. Switch Rip back into a Pterodactyl easily and continue the adventure.
  • Hear cool dino and vehicle sound effects as you play with Shred in both Spinosaurus mode and race car mode. Additionally, enjoy fun phrases and fascinating dino facts that add educational value to the play experience.
  • Let your child's imagination soar as they engage in dynamic play with the Switch & Go Dinos Dino Launcher. This toy provides hours of entertainment, encouraging creativity, role-play, and exploration.

Ages: 3-8 years