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Schleich Eldrador Shadow Raptor

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Schleich Eldrador Shadow Raptor.

Word of the Shadow Raptor’s reputation has gotten around fast, as it is the most fearsome prehistoric monster in Eldrador. After all, who wants to be crushed by its powerful jaw? It gives its enemies an evil nasty red-eyed stare. The sharp spikes on its back are quite dangerous and its transparent spine shimmers an eerie purple. Let’s get out of here! It might be a good idea to be the Shadow Raptor’s friend rather than its enemy!

  • Discover the world through play with the authentic and detailed figures from schleich. They look so real, they may just start to run!
  • Schleich products stimulate the imagination and guarantee an educational play experience full of adventure.
  • This Schleich product is part of the ELDRADOR CREATURES theme world.

Ages: 7+