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Schleich Farm World 42573 Dog House Kennel

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Schleich Farm World 42573 Dog House Kennel.

Woof woof! The Australian Shepherd puppy is a sleepy-head! Will you teach the puppy how to play fetch? C'mon, let's go visit the farm animals…maybe we'll see the new piglet or find the lamb napping in the meadow. The Friendly Dog House playset is easy to assemble – everything pops into place – so little ones can spend more time playing and dreaming about life on the farm with their favorite pup.

  • All the fun of having a puppy…without the muddy paw prints, chewed up furniture and potty accidents on the carpet.
  • With a dog house this nice, the puppy will never want to come inside! Easy to assemble, even easier to play with!
  • What's more fun than a dog? Two dogs! This playset comes with two toy dogs…an Australian Shepherd and her pup…for double the fun.
  • Schleich farm toys for toddlers and kids introduce the endless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play.

Ages: 3+