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Sylvanian Families Town Grand Department Store Gift Set

Available: In-Store Online

The Grand Department Store is the jewel in the crown of the Sylvanian Town. This gift set includes all four shopping departments and fashion designer Stella Chocolate. The Grand Department Store is the most iconic building in the Sylvanian Town with its revolving doors, working lift, and fancy decorations and engravings.


This gift set pack includes the accessories for all four departments, plus rabbit older sister Stella Chocolate, the store’s fashion designer. As you explore this amazing building you will discover the Boutique Fashion department, Chocolate Lounge, Fashion Showcase department and Cosmetic Beauty department. The accessories are also sold separately, allowing you to truly customise your department store exactly as you choose. In addition the building modules can be arranged in three layouts, creating either a town street with all the buildings in a line, corner arrangement giving the department store its iconic shape and appearance, and finally closed up with windows on both sides. That’s certainly very grand indeed! 


Contents: Main building, entrance tower, roof of entrance tower, roof-top ornament of entrance tower, fence A x4, fence B, fence C, fence D, fence E, fence F, Fence G, balcony, aisle board x2, ceiling board x2, flag x5, awning x2, window A x2, window B x2, window frame x4, Town Girl Series -Chocolate Rabbit-, handbag x5, dressing unit, dress hanger x3, dress for child figure x2, torso, full-length mirror, chocolate shop counter, sofa, table, dish A, dish B x3, server, fork, tray, saucer, cup, chocolate x8, macaron x12, shelf for accessories, headband for child figure x2, hat for child figure, parasol, cosmetic counter, rack x2, mirror, stool, makeup palette, brush, milk lotion x2, lotion x2, perfume x2, facial oil x2 (total 96 pieces).


Ages: 3+


Some buildings, figures and accessories are not included.