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Elli Smiles Doll

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Elli Smiles Doll is a play partner like no other! She builds up a real connection to her doll parents and has the ability to recognise mum or dad when they wear a special necklace, reacting with an adorable smile! The soft baby doll has a variety of realistic functions and can express her feelings and show emotions, almost like a real baby. When her parents play with her, Elli is happy and smiles! When she is sad Elli cries, but can be soothed quickly with a variety of different activities. When she sucks on her dummy, Elli makes real mouth movements. Plus, she drinks water from her bottle and can burp. Elli can also go to the potty and wet her nappy.
When it’s time for bed Elli needs looking after just like a real baby. Sing her a song or rock her gently and she closes her eyes, drifting off to sleep. However, lift her up or make too much noise around her and Elli will wake up again. Elli Smiles wears an adorable pink wrap-dress decorated with her favourite images; moons, clouds and little hearts. She also wears a matching hat, blue leggings and pink fabric shoes with cute yellow pompoms.
Contents: An Elli Smiles 43cm function doll with a dress, a pair of leggings, a hat, a pair of fabric shoes, a potty, a nappy, a bottle, a dummy and an identifying necklace
Batteries Required: 3x AA Not Included
Ages: 3+