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Articulate Phrases

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Everybody LOVES this game! Over 2m copies have been sold - WOW!! OK we get it, everybody loves ARTICULATE, it is one big lovefest. And NOW get ready because OMG here comes a NEW Articulate DESCRIBING challenge. It's still fast, totally exciting and absolutely engaging but it's just a little bit different beacuse you are describing a PHRASE rather than a word or a person. "Don't rock the boat", "Once bitten twice shy", "Shaken not stirred".... you get the idea? So sit back, lubricate your tonsils and start describing the latest, most brilliant Articulate challenge on the planet - Articulate Phrases!!!

So to summarise - Two teams compete to be first round the board as team members take it in turn to describe the phrases on the cards to their team mates during one turn of the timer. The team moves round the board by the number of phrases guessed correctly and the first to pass the finish space wins.

Contents: 400 subject cards, folding board, sand timer and 4 playing pieces.

Players: 4 to 20+ players

Ages: 12+