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Baby Annabell Active Car Seat

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Baby Annabell Active Car Seat.

“Waaahh!” What’s there to cry about? Things seem to be going too fast for Baby Annabell on the road. After all, she can’t discover her surroundings that quickly from her car seat. Until we reach the next destination, she can always count the waterlilies on the seat cover.

The doll seat is easy to attach to the car seat with the right strap and the integrated strap system keeps Baby Annabell safely in her place. 

  • Lets travel together.
  • Secure with safety belt.
  • Original accessories for the Baby Annabell branded doll.
  • The premium-quality accessories boost imagination and offer new possibilities for play.
  • Fits dolls 36cm - 43cm.
  • Doll not included.

Ages: 3+