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Baby Born Interactive Doll

Baby Born Interactive Doll

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The New Baby Born Interactive Girl Doll is just like a real baby! With 9 life-like functions such as controlled wetting and pooping, crying real tears, eyes that open and close as well as arms and legs that move, your little one is sure to enjoy looking after this highly detailed baby doll.
The New Baby Born Interactive Girl Doll comes with 11 different accessories such as a spoon, bowl, bottle, nappy and 1 sachet of food for feeding time plus a nappy, potty, dummy, hat, birth certificate and a heart shaped bracelet, one for your baby doll and one for you to wear! This interactive baby doll can eat, drink and even enjoy a bath just like a real baby!
Contents: Baby Born with bodysuit and hat, a plate, a spoon, a portion of porridge, a bottle, a potty, a nappy, a dummy, a dummy chain, a birth certificate and a friendship bracelet for you and the doll
Ages: 3+
Colours and styles may vary.

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