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Baby Born My Little Baby Super Soft

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Look, little cuties: here comes your new, soft favourite playmate! Together you can sleep, cuddle, comfort each other, laugh and play. It won't take long before you can't imagine life without the adorable my little Baby Born SuperSoft. The doll baby's tummy, chest and back are wonderfully cuddly and her romper suit is as soft as the fluff of a newborn chick. The cut, fit and fastenings of the romper in the easyFIT Style is designed so that even the smallest of hands can manage to take them on and off easily.
And if she is sad, she can be comforted quickly with the dummy, which is attached to the romper suit by a cord so it can't get lost. The brightly coloured hat protects the "newborn's" sensitive head and is also included in the set. For playing, cuddling, to help the child sleep and as an introduction to mother-child role play.
Contents: Dummy, doll, hat, romper suit.
Ages: 3+