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Baby Born Story Book Fairy Rainbow

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Baby Born Story Book Fairy Rainbow.

The little fairy’s outfit reflects her name perfectly: it looks just like a colourful rainbow. Her patterned wings start to flutter when you press the magic wand against her belly. There is a magical print hidden on her lovely little face, which resembles the outline of a butterfly and can only be seen when the sun shines.

Her packaging also contains a little picture book and her very own stage, which you can use to recreate the wonderful tales. If the magic wand is plugged into the base, two fairy lights illuminate the stage in alternating colours. The scenery is printed on both sides and shows the world in which Fairy Rainbow lives.
The cheeky little fairy lives in a flowery pavilion. She most likes to create magical rainbows in the Storybook world. Together with her best friend, the bright butterfly, she looks after all those who need help.

  • BABY born branded doll.
  • 18 cm tall.
  • With wing function and colour-changing face print.
  • Pedestal with LED light.
  • Comes with her own Storybook world.
  • Requires batteries (included).

BABY born Storybook Fairy Rainbow 18cm with magic wand, stage, scenery and picture book. 

Suitable from 3 Years+