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Baby Annabell Potty Set

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Baby Annabell Potty Set.

It's potty training time for Baby Annabell. The mint-coloured potty with glitter effect makes it so much fun. Baby Annabell's favourite sheep accompanies the whole exercise on the potty, towel dispenser and soap dispenser. After all, you have to wash your hands after using the toilet. Sometimes Annabell doesn't quite make it in time and has a little accident. Never mind, that's why it's called training and why the set also includes three nappies.

  • Original accessories for the Baby Annabell branded doll.
  • The premium-quality accessories boost the imagination and offer new possibilities and stimuli for play.
  • Includes: Potty, 3 nappies, soap dispenser and towel dispenser.

Ages: 3+

Doll sold separately