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Barbie Bijoux Bead Art And Craft Bead Set

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Barbie Bijoux Bead Art And Craft Bead Set.

If you want a really fashionable look just like Barbies, this jewellery kit is for you! Learn how to make charms and necklaces using the beautifully coloured pearls, have fun decorating rings and braclets with the Barbie stickers and then make everything super sparkly with the fantastic stick on gems!

To look after your hairstyle you'll also find a beautiful Barbie comb and set of headbands, which you can personalise with the stickers and gems, for truly trendy hair! After you made your jewellery, you can store it all in the wonderful Barbie jewellery box, which, along with the exclusive photo frame that yo get in this kit, will add Barbie flair to your bedroom!

Whats more, if you want to give your precious creations to your friends, you can use the fabulous personalised Barbie gift boxes!

Includes: , Jewellery Box, 3 Headbands, 3 Braclets, 6 Rings, 1 Comb, Pearls, Charms, Stick-On Gems, Gift Boxs, Photo Frame, Personalised Stickers, Ribbon, Thread and Instructions.

Ages: 4+