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Barbie Career Doll Salon Stylist

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Barbie Career Doll Salon Stylist.

Explore a world of hairstyling fun with the Barbie salon stylist doll! When a child plays with Barbie, they imagine everything they can become and if you love cutting and styling hair, you can be a salon stylist! The Barbie salon stylist doll wears a cute striped tee and a tie-dye smock, comfy shoes and has long purple hair.

She comes with a blow dryer and brush (clips let the doll hold them) plus two hair clips. Kids will love the endless possibilities for creative expression and storytelling fun. Doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • Contents: 1 x Barbie Careers Salon Stylist Doll and accessories.
  • Explore hairstyling fun with the Barbie salon stylist doll and related accessories!
  • Wearing a tie-dye smock, striped tee and comfy shoes, Barbie salon stylist doll is ready to make her clients look their very best!

Ages: 3+