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Barbie Club Chelsea Doll Assorted

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Chelsea doll and her friends inspire young minds to explore the world -- they love to try new things and to practice their favourites. Kids can play out so many fun stories with Chelsea doll and her friends! The adorable small dolls each wear bright colours and come with removable fashion pieces for more play possibilities. Choose from outfits celebrating animals, foods, hobbies and more. Added diversity and more variety in looks and hairstyles provide infinitely more ways to spark imaginations and play out unlimited stories.

Just Be You Top: The 6-inch doll celebrates her individuality -- she wears a blue top declaring "just be you" and a black and white checked skirt decorated with emojis! Yellow flower-shaped sunglasses look great with her red hair, and white shoes complete the unique look.

Tiger Dress Girl: The 6-inch doll celebrates her strength -- she wears a teal top with "fierce" tiger graphic and a pink floral skirt! A pink headband stands out in her long hair, and pink shoes complete the fierce look.

Dinosaur Dress: The 6-inch doll loves dinosaurs -- she wears a red and white striped top with a green dinosaur and a blue skirt decorated with a dinosaur print! A red headband looks great in her blonde hair, and green shoes with fun fringe detail complete the unique look.

Food Themed Top: The 6-inch doll celebrates his favourite food -- he wears a romper with pizza, hamburgers and tacos decorating the blue and white striped top of his romper! Red shorts and green stitching add more colour on the removable romper, and white shoes complete the delicious look.

Puppy Dog Top: The 6-inch doll celebrates his favourite animal -- he wears a romper decorated with a puppy dog's face and blue stars! Denim shorts and red stitching add more colour on the removable romper, and red shoes complete the animal lover's look.

Ages: 3+