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Barbie Extra Doll With Pink Braids

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Barbie Extra Doll With Pink Braids.

Barbie Extra Doll in Floral-Print Jacket with Pink Braids comes with DJ mouse pet figure. He is oh-so-EXTRA, too, with his own DJ booth and sunglasses!

Barbie Extra dolls rock bold fashions and bright colours, and they make big statements! Each Barbie doll has their own unique style that’s playful and over the top. Their pets each different and all adorable have tons of personality, too!

Barbie Extra lets kids explore self-expression through style and offers an exciting fashion and styling play experience with posable dolls. They are all about having fun with fashion with glitter, gummy bears, emojis and stand-out hair bringing EXTRA vibes wherever they go. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • Includes: A doll, a pet figure and accessories.
  • Accessories include clothing and fashion accessories, as well as a pet and pet accessories.
  • Barbie doll’s hairstyle goes big with extra-long pink braids.
  • Dressed in a matching orange floral-print jogger set layered with a bright turquoise floral-print jacket.

Ages: 3+