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Barbie Malibu Roberts Mermaid Power Doll And Accessories

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Barbie Malibu Roberts Mermaid Power Doll And Accessories.

Barbie is diving into her most wonderful adventure yet in Barbie Mermaid Power! Barbie 'Malibu' Roberts doll looks just like her onscreen character after her magical mermaid transformation, with extra-long fantasy hair and a look fit for undersea royalty.

With interchangeable fins, necklaces, tiaras and a hairbrush, kids can switch up her fantasy look for any adventure! Barbie Mermaid Power dolls encourage children ages 3 and up to recreate their favourite moments or dream up tales of their own.

  • Includes: Barbie ‘Malibu’ Roberts doll, seahorse pet, 2 mermaid fins, 2 tiaras, 2 necklaces and a hairbrush.
  • Dive into storytelling adventures with Barbie 'Malibu' Roberts doll inspired by Barbie Mermaid Power!
  • Barbie doll features a magic mermaid look, complete with extra-long blue hair and a beautiful ombre tail with exceptional touches and sculpted scales.
  • An adorable seahorse pet inspires imaginary friendship stories!

Ages: 3+