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Barbie You Can Be Anything Bakery Playset With Doll

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Barbie You Can Be Anything Bakery Playset With Doll.

Barbie Bakery Doll and Playset with Accessories. Explore the experience of running a bakery with the Barbie Bakery Playset! Kids love baked treats and with this playset they can run a bakery and make yummy cakes and other treats! Playset includes Barbie bakery petite doll (30cm) with cool pink hair dressed in a cute striped dress with smock. The bakery station has three play areas to bake, decorate and display plus comes with 20+ accessories for storytelling fun.

Kids can use two kinds of dough (pink or blue) and put it in the oven, pull the lever and watch the cakes rise for cake-making fun! They can then decorate the cake on the pedestal and use cake decorating accessories and toppers to design the cake exterior. Barbie doll can hold some of the accessories for even more realistic play fun. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • Includes: A bakery station, Barbie petite doll with pink hair and 20+ pieces featuring 2 dough containers, piping bag stamper, spatula, decorations, toppers, cupcake tin, cookie plate and more.
  • Kids can run a bakery and decorate cakes with the Barbie Bakery Playset.
  • Sporting a petite shape, pink hair and wearing a cute striped dress with smock, Barbie doll is ready to make cakes and decorate them.
  • Then the cake decoration fun begins as kids put the ‘baked’ cake on the cake pedestal and add decorations and toppers.
  • Doll cannot stand alone.

Ages: 4+