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Batman Tomy Toomies 3 In 1 Batmobile

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Batman Tomy Toomies 3 In 1 Batmobile.

Fresh out of the Batcave comes this extended Batmobile that converts into a mini version and a Batwing jet. Designed for little hands, the parts pull apart easily to reveal Robin's Batwing Jet with its own wings that pop out either side. The back and front of the Batmobile then click together to form the Mini Batmobile. Simply push forwards on any smooth surface then release and Batman and Robin race to the rescue! Batman and Robin figures fit into each vehicle for simple shape-sorting fun.

  • Three Toys in One: This Batman 3 in 1 Batmobile transforms from a deluxe Batmobile into a Batwing jet and a mini version of itself.
  • Fast & Freewheeling: The flywheel drive mechanism is built into the Batmobile – gently push forwards and see it go, go, go!
  • Batman & Robin: The Caped Crusader and his sidekick fit neatly into each vehicle for shape-sorting and swapping fun. Universal hitch back and front lets you link up with other compatible Toomies vehicles.
  • Poppin & Jumpin: Colourful beads rattle and pop under the see-through bonnet as you drive along.
  • Learn & Laugh: Ideal for story-telling fun, logic and problem solving and developing your child's gross motor skills.

Ages: 1+