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Batman True Moves Thrasher Armour Batman

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Batman True Moves Thrasher Armour Batman.

Get bigger, bolder adventure play with this oversized Batman action figure! The leading DC Super Hero wears his Thrasher, armored, exoskeleton Batsuit for combat in extreme conditions, so you can be Bruce Wayne until the call of the Bat-Signal. Then, put on Batman's classic mask and rush to the scene of the crime! With 11 points of articulation, this powerful, large action figure is ready for realistic battle play and dynamic posing! Choose our other DC figures and wage classic battles for the ultimate power in Gotham City. Each figure sold separately, subject to availability.

  • Oversized 12-inch scale Batman figure for big battle action.
  • Detailed, Thrasher armored exoskeleton Batsuit with full length cloth cape.
  • Removable cowl extends character play.
  • 11 points of articulation enable realistic combat and posing.

Ages: 3+