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 Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

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Howard woke up to a problem that’s itchy! Catch those bouncing bugs and do it quickly! Press the button to turn on the bed and make it start shaking, then use the tongs to catch the bouncing bugs of matching colour as fast as you can. Be the first player to catch all the same colour bugs, and shout "BED BUGS!", then turn off the bed. All players must then put down their tongs and check if the player that shouted ‘BED BUGS!’ has won! If a player turns off the bed, but has another players colour of bug in their pile, that players win doesn’t count and the other players get to keep playing until there’s a winner!


Contents: Bed frame, headboard, footboard, cardboard playing surface, cardboard insert, 3 tongs, 36 plastic bugs and instructions.


Ages: 4+


Players: 2-3

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