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Beyblade Starter Pack

Beyblade Starter Pack

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Beyblade Burst starter packs include Beyblade Burst tops and launchers that bring wild fun to the Beyblade Burst Beystadium (sold separately). Beyblade Burst tops can "burst" into pieces, resulting in 2 points for the other player (burst rates vary). First player to earn 3 points wins! These Beyblade Burst tops’ components are interchangeable with most Beyblade Burst tops except Beyblade Burst Rip Fire tops. Collect, customise, and compete!


Scan code on Beyblade Burst Energy Layers to unleash them in the Beyblade Burst app. Play with combinations of Beyblade Burst components in stadium atmospheres in the app. Let it rip!


Styles and colours may vary from product shown.


Contents: 1 starter pack with top and launcher


Ages: 8+


There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer but please let us choose on your behalf.


(Beyblade Burst app works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch -- IOS8.0 or later required -- and Android devices. Updates affect compatibility. Check for details).

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