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Blaze And The Monster Machines R/C Racing Blaze

Blaze And The Monster Machines R/C Racing Blaze

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Blaze is revved up and ready to go, but he needs your child's help in his race to victory. On Blaze and the Monster Machines, Blaze has AJ to drive him on his adventures as he races around Axle City with his friends. Now your child can be just like AJ and become Blaze's driver with this remote control vehicle. Your child will team up with Blaze, Axle City's greatest hero and champion of the racetrack, and help him accelerate. When Blaze is going one speed and then starts going faster, that's acceleration! When your child presses the remote to make Blaze go, he begins to accelerate until he reaches full speed. Together, your child and Blaze will zoom into action, win the race, and save the day like no other truck can!
There's nothing more exciting than when your child is in control of their favourite Monster Machine, Blaze. Your child can learn how to drive Blaze around with the easy-to–use tyre-shaped remote controller. Press the forward button and Blaze accelerates in a straight line. Press the reverse button, and Blaze does a turn as he moves backwards, pointing him in a new direction. Your child will discover how to control Blaze just like AJ and send him racing all over the room. Your child will feel the power as he takes the wheel and controls R/C Racing Blaze!
Contents: Blaze R/C, controller
Batteries Required: 4x AAA for controller and Blaze vehicle
Ages: 3+

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