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Blo Pens Shimmer

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Blo Pens Shimmer.

Kids love Blo Pens as they can easily create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects! With the Shimmer set there are 3 metallic Blo Pens and 5 Stencils to get you started. Just place a stencil on a piece of paper, blow in the pen and see your picture appear! Try blowing in lines and circles or harder or softer for different results. You can also use the same pens for drawing extra details to give your design a perfect finishing touch!

  1. Blo Pens come with the cartridge in the storage position.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece and cartridge. Turn the cartridge around and insert as shown, ensuring the tip is pushed fully into the end. Replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Put the tip of the pen about 8-10cm distance away from your paper and blow through the mouthpiece.
  4. To store pens and prevent them from drying out, repeat step 2 turning the cartridge back around.

Includes: 3 metallic Blo Pens, 5 black sheets and 5 reusable stencils.

Ages: 4+