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Carrera R/C Black Enforcer 2

Carrera R/C Black Enforcer 2

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The 1-18 scale Carrera RC Black Enforcer 2 has no concept of 'obstacles'. At a top speed of 12 km/h the offroad beast powers past all comers in every race situation. Full function steering ensures a secure and controlled ride around every corner and on the toughest terrain. Thanks to the 2.4 GHz-technology, these high-speed thrills can be shared by up to 16 drivers at the same time - without worrying about maintaining frequency signal strength.
Easy handling and a powerful, sporty appearance make this beast a pleasure to race.
  • Ready to run- Charger, rechargeable battery and batteries are included.
  • Power Battery- Long operating times up to 20mins,
  • USB TurboCharger- Quick recharging,90mins.
Ages: 6+

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