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Chicco Mama Lullaby Sheep Pink

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Chicco Mama Lullaby Sheep Pink.

The Chicco First Dreams Lullaby Sheep Nightlight Projector is a soft plush night projector to accompany your baby at bedtime. The core part is made of soft plastic with a star design on sheep’s tummy.

An integrated voice recorder function allows you to create your very own special sounds and lullabies, and this is automatically activated when it detects certain sounds, such as a baby crying. You can save yours or your partner’s voice and replay them at any point, this feature allows you to comfort your baby without entering the room which can be advantageous when trying to settle your little one, meaning you can soothe them back to sleep without entering the room and potentially distracting them from going back to sleep.

Easily activate the soothing sounds and colour changing lights by pressing its tummy. The nightlight will let off 30 minutes of sounds and lights, engaging your little one’s senses, both auditory and sight to keep them entertained without having to have your constant attention.

  • Soft little sheep with gentle night lights.
  • Voice recorder functions to create your very own special sounds.
  • Soft tummy button to activate the 30 minutes of lights and sounds.
  • Automatically-activated sound sensor.
  • Styles may vary.

Ages: From birth