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Chicco Hoopla Bouncer

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The Chicco Hoopla Bouncer has a multi-position backrest that can be adjusted to help baby relax, or for feeding or play, and you can use the Hoopla as a fixed position rocker or chair by folding the feet back using the controls at the front of the rocker.

The 3 soft hanging toys were designed to stimulate your child's tactile, visual and hearing development; the Chicco "Slide Line System" allows you to slide the toys up and down the toy-bar, to arrange them in any order you want to around the arch, or just remove the toy-bar completely to give your child more room to play.

The fully adjustable 3-point waist harness has padding for baby's safety and comfort and the non-slip feet make sure the Hoopla stays where you put it. When not in use, the Hoopla folds flat for easy storage.

  • A comfy and fun place for your child to play and relax from birth until around 6 months of age, (or until they can sit up unaided)
  • Removable modular cushion snugly holds your baby - then adjust as your baby grows.
  • Multi-position backrest for best position for play or feeding.
  • Foldable feet for use as a chair or rocker.
  • 3 soft hanging toys stimulate your child's tactile, visual and hearing development.
  • Chicco Slide Line system: the toys can be fastened to the sliding rings on the arch edges in any combination and moved around the arch.
  • 3-point waist harness.
  • Non-slip feet.
  • Folds flat when not in use.