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ChillFactor Slushy Maker

ChillFactor Slushy Maker

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Chillfactor Slushy Maker slushifies your drink in less than a minute! It's that easy - no mess, no fuss! Chillfactor Slushy Maker is reusable. Simply wash in warm soapy water after each use, re-freeze, and it's ready for your next slushy party. The fun never ends, use over and over again.


Step 1: Freeze - Take me home and put me in the freezer. That's where I live.  Step2: Fill - Decision time. What will you slush? I can make soda slushies, juice slushies or thick shakes... Step 3: Squeeze - In less than a minute those magic hands of yours will turn liquid into ice. Just squeeze! Step 4:  Scoop, Scrape, Slurp and Enjoy.


Contents: Inside this box is a Chill factor Tutti Fruity Slushy Maker, including a lid, a re-usable spoon-straw and all the info you need to make great slushies.


Ages: 3+


Colours and styles may vary

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