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Clementoni Baby Magnetic Interactive Easel

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Clementoni Baby Magnetic Interactive Easel.

A coloured drawing board for learning to draw with original removable rulers, but also an activity suite with songs and nursery rhymes for finding out about numbers, letters and shapes.

The first drawing board designed for babies. An excellent aid for introducing children to drawing with cute shapes and stencil rulers that facilitate and guide hand movements.

Tunes, sounds and light effects to capture the baby’s attention as well as many features that help to hone motor skills.

All the activities, components and buttons have been studied to make for easy effortless play.

In addition to freehand drawing, children can also use the removable rulers, stencils and magnetic shapes which will contribute to learning as they play.

The buttons activate tunes and contents designed to help babies discover their first letters, numbers and shapes, guiding them as they engage in fun interactive play.

Features: 2play modes, 2 removable legs (easy to detach and store), numbers button with lights, letters button with lights, shapes button with lights, 3 removable magnetic shapes, eraser, ergonomic pencil with magnetic tip and two stencils to start drawing with a guide.

Can be used in English or Spanish.

Ages: 18months +