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Clementoni Baby Octo Park Water Friends Bath Toy

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Clementoni Baby Octo Park Water Friends Bath Toy.

A game made up of various parts so infants can enjoy a new engaging experience each time. Three cute animals which are activated by water, creating magical effects.

A brightly coloured baby octopus who will help infants discover astonishing and fun features designed to stimulate their manual skills in a range of engaging ways.

Infants can discover the game on their own, developing manual skills through small actions which trigger surprise-effect mechanisms.

The design and level of interaction have been carefully studied to make the toy easy and engaging for the infant to play with.

The octopus’ headband turns into a cute cup for babies to scoop up water in and then pour it, triggering the various water effects that each animal displays when water goes through.

The force of water causes the turtle to move its flippers up and down while the jellyfish flits from left to right and the little crab gradually crawls out of its shell.

The toy attaches to the side of the tub with suction pads and amuses infants, turning bath-time in a fun time when they can make discoveries on their own.

Ages: 10months +