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Clementoni Crystal Laboratory

Clementoni Crystal Laboratory

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Have a fun and educational time creating multi-coloured, differently-shaped crystals with this science kit by Clementoni. It includes everything you need to cultivate crystals and geodes. There is an illustrated manual to help you understand the chemical reactions of the salts. A complete with tools and materials for growing crystals and discovering the secrets of minerals.
Contents: Protective gloves, pipettes, spatula, tweezers, microspatula spoon, 2x 20ml measuring beakers (small) with lids, 2x 50ml measuring beakers (medium) with lids, 2x 100ml measuring beakers (lrg) with lids, 1 pkt of rock fragments, brush, 1 pkt of plaster of Paris, poster paints for Geodes, test tube safety key, 10 sachets of Alum, 10 colouring tablets, 7 test tubes with stoppers, small bowl for liquid plaster, mould (in 2 parts) with cover for Geodes, Illustrated manual.
Ages: 8+

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