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Clementoni Evolution Robot

Clementoni Evolution Robot

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Evolution Robot is a Clementoni Robotics APP for children of 8 years of age and upwards. It has been specifically created so you can play with your robot and also find out about coding. With this free Science & Play TechnoLogic APP, you can have amazing adventures with Evolution Robot and discover how it works first-hand. The APP has been specially developed so that you can control your robot in 7 different game modes: Programming, Real Time, Gyro, Touch Grid, Dancing, Self-Learning and Memo. Bluetooth technology means you can programme your robot, control it in real-time by simply tilting your smartphone or tablet (devices sold separately), make it dance and even teach it to understand your commands. 


What’s more, in Memo Mode, you can train your brain and test your observation skills, either on your own, or with your friends, and try to work out what the robot will do next. What makes Evolution Robot even more engaging is the fact you can access its camera and take pictures and record videos of your robot as it carries out your commands. What are you waiting for? Download the APP start having fun now! How long have you dreamt of having your very own robot that can open and close its arms, grip objects, move over difficult terrain, smile and talk? This APP means your wait is now over… your dream has finally come true! With Evolution Robot, technological evolution is in your hands!


Contents: Head with Micro-LED system, base, chest, wheels, worm screws, friction discs and cogs, chest armour, arms, caterpillar tracks, hand inserts, axels and wheel hubs, wheel spacers, electric motors, PBC, speaker, battery compartment, screws, stickers, instruction manual.


Ages: 8+


The Evolution Robot comes with energy saving Bluetooth technology which is only compatible with certain devices. This means the APP will only work on the following smartphones and tablest (equipped with BLE):  Apple: All the following devices with Apple iOS 8.0 software and later: iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3 or later, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 1 or later, iPod touch 5th Gen or later.  Android: All devices equipped with BLE and with Android 4.3 software.



Not Compatible with Windows operating system.


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