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Clementoni Interactive Talking Baby Chair

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Clementoni Interactive Talking Baby Chair.

A cute multi-activity and interactive music-themed armchair to keep the little ones entertained to the beat! To play, rest and sing, while learning words, numbers and colours. Packed with musical instruments, it is equipped with a maraca, a drumstick, a pianola and a mini console with touch buttons and an illuminated screen.

The seat's special sensor recognises when the child sits down and offers engaging music and interactive dances, inviting the child to play on the move. The armchair has many functions for interacting with sounds, music, songs and words and is full of mechanical activities for playing and developing manual dexterity.

The ""Dance"" function offers interactive songs, such as the ""armchair dance"", which invites the child to get up, dance around the chair and sit down before the countdown finishes. The ""Play"" function guides the child in operating the pianola using the colours of the keys, for a first approach to music. If you play with the ""Sing"" function, the child is invited to sing a simple song together with the armchair, which stimulates singing and with the Relax function theres lots of cuddles and sweet melodies.

Ages: 1-3 years