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Clementoni Soft Clemmy Sensory Train

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Clementoni Soft Clemmy Sensory Train.

A soft train with locomotive and carriages that children can play with and explore with their hands.

Children can discover relief surfaces and different shapes, or feel the softness of the Clemmy material, while enjoying a sensory experience that will allow them to hone their sense of touch and manual skills.

Contains lots of soft coloured bricks to be slotted into the locomotive and carriages, or one on top of the other, to create soft coloured towers to topple and then rebuild again and again.

The carriages can be easily detached and joined together.

The wheels allow the train to move and tow the train with its carriages, allowing children to invent lots of stories and travel with boundless imagination.

  • Includes: 8 soft blocks, 1 soft locomotive and 3 soft wagons.
  • Touch move and play sensory train!
  • Dishwasher safe (70°C max).

Ages: 6-36months