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Clementoni The Large Chemistry Laboratory Chemistry Set

Clementoni The Large Chemistry Laboratory Chemistry Set

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A modern chemistry laboratory in which to perform more than 100 safe and fun experiments, thanks to the illustrated manual and a rich set of scientific instruments. Compose the puzzle of the periodic table and discover more information about chemical elements!


Experiment with electrolysis of water, create different mixtures and solutions, perform experiments in the illustrated manual using the instruments in the kit in your very own lab.


Contents: safety goggles,beakers with lids, test tubes with stoppers, bottle brush, stirrer, pipette, straws, balloons, test tube safety key, elastic bands, funnel, test tube rack, spatulas, filter paper, tweezers, bubble-blowing tool, chemical substances ( copper sulfate, iron sulfate, tartaric acid, sodium carbonate, pottassium hexacyanoferrate, copper wire, litmus paper), electrical components, illustrated manual.


Ages: 8+

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