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Clevamama ClevaPure Air Purifier Replacement Filter

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Clevamama ClevaPure Air Purifier Replacement Filter.

The ClevaPure Smart Air Purifier Replacement Filter works with the ClevaPure Smart Air Purifier to help protect your baby from harmful airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses and remove unpleasant odours. The 3-stage filter is ozone-free, making the air in your baby's room clean, safe and pleasant for a healthier and happier sleep.

It is recommended that you change the ClevaPure Air Purifier filter every 6 months or after 2200hours. The indicator light on the ClevaPure Air Purifier will activate to alert you to this. (see Air Purifier instructions for location of light).


To change the filter in your ClevaPure Air Purifier:

Remove replacement filter from plastic packaging.

Ensure air purifier is unplugged and turned off.

Turn air purifier upside down.

Twist base to open and remove existing filter.

Insert replacement filter.

Replace base and twist to close until it clicks into place.