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Co Operate!

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Co Operate! 

The articulate team has knocked it out of the park again. Cooperate is An all-or-nothing team game in which you must predict - in 30 brief Seconds – how many words your team will shout out that meet the Cooperate card challenge. A soon as you have predicted your score turn the timer again and you’re off for another 30 seconds to actually shout out the predicted number of words – but if you don’t reach that number you score Nothing.

There are four kinds of challenge:

List play – your team calls out ‘things’ that meet the challenge on the card like capital cities or girls’ names.

Describe play – team members describe ‘things’ from the category on the card like fruits or sports.

Word play – team members come up with words that meet the card Challenge for example "words beginning with f and ending in t".

Link play – team members call out words that are linked to the last Player’s word, for example "an object that is taller than the previous Player’s object. With this challenge you would start with something Really small – like a pea!

  • Contents: 240 cards, 1 game board, 1 set of rules, 1 die, 1 sandtimer and 2 playing pieces.
  • Bring everyone together with this all-or-nothing team board game.
  • A unique bonus dice that can land on its faces or its corners adds spice to every throw.
  • Co Operate is ideal for parties and families with teenagers.
  • For 4 to 12+ players.

Ages: 12+