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Crate Creatures Surprise Blizz

Crate Creatures Surprise Blizz

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         Pop open the crate to unleash your Crate Creatures Surprise: Blizz!
Blizz comes from the frozen land of Icicla. No matter how much he thrashes around, he can’t get out of that crate alone! Can you help him out? Use the crowbar to break open the lock and unbox your new beast friend. Pull your Crate Creature’s tongue to hear fun sounds and monstrous noises. He’ll react with glowing eyes and shaking rage! Turn Blizz upside down or tip him over to trigger more than 45 unique creature sounds.
Use your Crate Creatures Surprise to record phrases and play them back in Blizz’s monstrous voice. Then shake his tail to see him wildly thrash his arms! Blizz loves his frozen popsicle—but don’t let it give him brain freeze! This fluffy creature makes fierce chomping noises when you feed him his frozen treat. Keep Blizz in his crate and unleash him over and over again for more beastly Crate Creatures fun.
Contents: Blizz, a popsicle treat, lock and chain, crowbar and reusable crate
Batteries Required: 3x AA batteries Included
Ages: 4+

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