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Crayola Pip Squeaks Washable Mini Markers 7pk

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Crayola Pip Squeaks Washable Mini Markers 7pk.

Pipsqueaks that have the same quality standard as Crayola Markers, but in a cute dinky size, making it easier for young children to hold and use. Plus each marker gives an intense colour lay down, has a crush resisting long life nib, chunky easy to hold barrel and contain washable inks.

These Crayola Pip-Squeaks Mini Marker pens ideal for creative kids who enjoy arts and crafts such as colouring-in books and drawing at home, school or nursery.

This pack of 7 Crayola Pip-squeaks Mini Markers in assorted colours, contains felt tip markers in small sizes, making them ideal for little fingers. This pack of 7 includes 7 bright colours, including Brown, lilac, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

Ages: 3+