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Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Happy Flowers Doll Mila

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Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Happy Flowers Doll Mila.

Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Flowers! Now your little one can play with the soft and cuddly versions of their favourite Cry Babies.

There are 4 different Flower characters to collect: Rose, Sakura, Sophia and Mila! All of them are wearing Flower themed pyjamas and come with a matching dummy.

Fill them with water and watch as they cry real tears when you press the top of their head. They have a soft and lightweight body, making them perfect for snuggles and cuddles.

Tiny Cuddles encourage children to engage in fun imaginative play. Cuddle up with the Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles!

  • Includes: Happy Flowers Doll Mila and a dummy.
  • Tiny Cuddles are soft versions of Cry Babies.
  • They cry real tears.
  • Each doll is 25cm tall.
  • They come with a matching dummy.
  • There are 4 characters to collect (each sold separately).

Ages: 18months +