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Crystalina Doll Aventurine

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Crystalina Doll Aventurine.

Crystalina dolls are mystical fairies that light up! With your child's help, and a little shake, Crystalina Dolls can change their power by changing their light! Each doll has a different primary colour that embodies a specific crystal power (love, wisdom, luck or healing) but are capable of all colours. With their powers, they can magically pass on their light to the other Crystalina fairies or even to the amulet that is included! When it is time to rest, the doll and amulet can be set on the included display stand. Don't forget that you can bring the crystal power with you as the light up amulet is wearable.
  • Crystalina Aventurine Doll can light up!
  • Your child can help Crystalina change her light by shaking her, giving her a different power!
  • Pass Crystalina's light over to the amulet so you can wear the special power too!
  • Different light patterns have different meanings (be courageous, practice kindness). Refer to attached map for all different moods.
  • Light up amulet is wearable! Share colours and patterns with friends.
  • You can even connect with additional dolls and amulets.
  • 4 different dolls, collect them all!

Ages: 4+